Uniex International Courier Services extends its comprehensive courier and shipping solutions to Mayiladuthurai, facilitating swift, secure, and cost-efficient international deliveries. They are well-equipped to accommodate a broad spectrum of shipping requirements, ensuring that a wide array of items can be shipped from Mayiladuthurai to international destinations.

Types of Products Shippable Internationally

Uniex International Courier Services is capable of handling the international shipment of various items from Mayiladuthurai. This includes food items such as sweets, snacks, and homemade eatables, pickles, sambar powder, rasam powder, and more. They also ship pulses, spices, crockery items, Indian spices, masalas, jaggery, masala pastes, condiments, pooja items, handicrafts, photo frames, furniture, furnishing clothes, woolen items, books, study materials, electronic goods, home appliances, sarees, dress materials, garments, corporate gifts, and all types of household goods. Their services are tailored to ensure that even your favorite Indian food items or essential medicines reach their destination safely and securely​​​​.

Key Services and Features

  • International Shipping: Uniex offers international courier services from Mayiladuthurai to countries like the USA, UK, Singapore, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Canada, France, Germany, and more. They provide both express and economy price options, catering to various budget and timing needs.
  • Competitive Pricing: Pricing for international shipments is highly competitive, with charges based on the higher of physical or volumetric weight. They offer some of the most competitive rates for shipments to destinations such as the UK, Singapore/Sri Lanka/Malaysia/UAE, Australia, and Canada​​.
  • Customized Services: Uniex accommodates a wide range of shipping needs, including student courier services, shipping of Indian food items globally, and solutions for excess baggage shipping. They aim to simplify international travel with their excess baggage shipping options, making it easier for travelers dealing with airline limitations on luggage​​​​.

For individuals or businesses in Mayiladuthurai looking to send couriers internationally, Uniex International Courier Services provides a reliable, efficient, and affordable solution. They ensure your parcels are delivered with care and precision, backed by years of experience in the logistics sector.

For more details or to book a service, you can contact Uniex International Courier Services directly at +919380839266 or visit their website at www.uniex.in

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