Weight for payment is the higher of the physical and volumetric weight. For example, if the actual weight is 10 kgs and the volumetric weight is 12 kgs, then the charges are based on 12 kgs. Also the weights are always rounded to the nearest 0.5 kg. If the weight is 10.5 kgs, then payment is taken for 11 kgs.

Gross Weight means the weight of the box after the packing.

The Parcel will be properly packed under your supervision to your satisfaction. We are not responsible for the damage of the goods in-transit

Most international shipments are required to go through a customs clearance procedure. When this happens, a clearance delay may occur which slows down the clearance process and delivery of the goods. We are not responsible for such delays as it is beyond our control.

All Home-Made Food materials should be compulsorily packed with transparent packing (Vacuum sealed packing) to avoid damage to the package any special packing required it will be chargeable.

Yes, any homemade foods like pickles, Sweets, Snacks can be sent.However there are some restrictions applied for some countries.

Our all-in-rate includes the labor cost of packing free and pickup in city-limits free but not for outer of city-limits and outstation pickup is charged base on gross weight.

Any type of battery electronic items are not accepted.

Customs/duties and other related charges/fees is the responsibility of the customer.

If the consignment is subject to any customs/duties, destination customs authorities will contact receiver and inform the customs/taxes charges. Once that is paid, packages will be cleared next working day for delivery to the address on the package.

Proper care should be taken to pack the materials to avoid damage with regular handling.

The courier charges will depend upon the size of the box and weight of the box as the charges are based on both physical and volumetric weight.

We are not responsible for any customs/taxes/duties/charges that are levied by the local governmental agencies and/or authorities.

For Electronic Items additional charges apply.

(Updated 20 Dec 2022)

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